User Actions Timeline for Scheduled Beam Time

In preparation for scheduled experiments, Users are responsible for meeting the deadlines within the timeline.  This ensures any hard deadlines from both the DCS and APS are met in advance, not jeopardizing cancellation of your experiments.  The required forms and additional information that DCS users should become familiar with are provided for Impact Facilities Experiments and Laser Shock Experiments, including EXAFS.

Due Immediately User Action Owner
Complete target preparation following: DCS Impact Target Fabrication Instructions or DCS Laser Sample Fabrication Instructions

• User shall supply their own materials and assemble complete targets/samples
• For plate impact XRD experiments, critical information for interpreting the data from the XRD detector can be found in the article by Sinclair et al.


Due 4 Weeks Prior to Start of Experiments User ActionOwner
1. Register or Renew APS User Registration (if not current)
• Refer to the APS User Checklist
• Need Help? Contact the APS User Office. Phone: 630-252-9090 E-mail:
PI/All Users
2. Submit your ESAF:
1. ALL PIs: Log in to the ESAF System (or via My APS Portal)
2. ALL PIs: Select the first option, “Create New ESAF for Scheduled or Allocated Beam Time”
3. GENERAL USER PI: Select your Proposal
CAT USER PI: On the next screen, Click the link “Create a New No-BTR-Xray ESAF” (In the box at bottom of content)
4. ALL PIs: Complete the ESAF with the required information and “Submit”
• All participants must be listed. For User Type, designate each participant as “Onsite," “Remote,” or "Co-Proposer/Offsite"
• Attach the SDS for any hazardous materials that are listed on the ESAF.
3. All training must be current (check the ESAF):
A. Onsite experimenters on ESAF complete DCS Online Sector Orientation (Part 1), if not previously completed in last 2 years, in addition to APS Online Training.
B. Remote experimenters on the ESAF complete the required APS Online Training, including the ESH223 Cyber Security Education and Awareness.
PI/All Users
4. Send the following to
1. DCS Experimental Information Form: Impact, Laser Shock, or EXAFS
2. DCS Shot Matrix Form: Impact or Laser Shock
3. Your APS User Account Cost Code.
• Establish your APS User Account.
• CAT Users contact your Lab POC for assistance.
4. Availability for the Experimental Video Conference Call within the next week. T-Th, 1PM - 4PM Central Time.

Due 3 Weeks Prior to Start of ExperimentsUser ActionOwner
1. Experimental Planning Video Conference Call:
PI provides availability. DCS will provide the Zoom link via Outlook invite.
PI, Optional: All Users
2. Review DCS User Guidelines, Capabilities, & X-ray Beam Modes:
Confirm all experimenters on the ESAF have reviewed and understand the User Guidelines and Capabilities for either Laser Shock or Impact Experiments.
Impact User Guidelines and Capabilities
Laser Shock User Guidelines and Capabilities
X-ray Beam Modes

Due 2 Weeks Prior to Start of ExperimentsUser ActionOwner
1. Transporting Materials to the DCS:
• Finalize both inbound and outgoing shipments to/from the DCS.
• Follow the shipping instructions on the DCS website.
2. Coordinate user arrival with the DCS:
Provide with arrival time of onsite users. Arrive at the DCS between 8:30AM - 1:00PM Central one day before experiments.
3. Globus Data transfer software required:
Setup your Globus Endpoint before arriving. This allows you to retrieve experimental data. Globus Instructions
PI/All Users

Arrive at ANL/DCS 1 Day Prior to Start of Experiments

User ActionOwner
Things to Bring:
1. Mask and other related COVID precautions based on the COVID Community Level in the COVID Rules and Regulations:
2. Laptop with Globus data transfer software installed
3. Headphones/earbuds with microphone
4. Personal safety glasses – required to work in DCS labs

Arriving at ANL and the DCS:
A. M-F: Arrive at Argonne Information Center (AIC) with acceptable form(s) of photo identification between 8:30AM – 1:00PM.
B. Weekend or arriving after 4:30PM to Guest House: Contact DCS. Additional arrival instruction will be provided by the DCS.

1. At the AIC front desk, ask for a badge and prox card because you are an APS user on an approved ESAF (supply ESAF #). Badge/prox card are valid for the duration of your experiments.
2. Use the badge to enter the ANL Main Gate.
3. Arrive at the APS User Office in Building 401 to activate your badge. Directions
4. Arrive at DCS, 438 F001 – Do not attempt to enter labs or stations.
5. Onsite Sector Orientation will be provided to users, if not received in the last 2 years. Arrival information should have been provided to at least 2 weeks in advance.
6. The User will post the ESAF with an APS Floor Coordinator.
• Final target/sample prep shall only begin after the ESAF is posted.
Onsite Users

Day 1 of ExperimentsUser ActionOwner
Log on to Day 1 of your experiments via Zoom. DCS will provide the Outlook invite w/Zoom link.

1. All onsite participants must attend the Pre-Job Brief at 7:30AM via Zoom (or agreed upon time). Remote users – optional attendance. The brief is led by the DCS Person In Charge. Safety protocols and initial parameters are confirmed.
2. Experiments begin after the Pre-Job Brief.
PI / All Users

Last Day of ExperimentsUser ActionUser Action
1. Attend Post-Job Brief at the end of experiments via Zoom.
Brief is led by the DCS Person In Charge.
2. Outbound shipping from the DCS:
User is responsible for all packing and return shipping. Following the shipping instructions on the DCS website.

Day After Experiments, prior to NoonUser ActionUser Action
1. User may complete outbound shipping the morning after experiments, completing by Noon.
2. Shipping Instructions

1 Week After ExperimentsUser ActionUser Action
Return the DCS User Feedback Form (prompted via DCS email).PI

RemindersUser ActionOwner
Publishing - based on any work at the DCS.The DCS Acknowledgment Statement must be included in manuscripts for the work conducted at the Dynamic Compression Sector and published in journals, books, conference proceedings, or other printed scientific and technical media.

Notify upon initial publishing date, attaching the accepted manuscript.
PI/All Users