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Washington State University The Dynamic Compression Sector

Shipping Instructions

Shipments to and from Argonne National Laboratory have separate requirements according to their status as non-hazardous or hazardous.

Non-Hazardous Materials

Non-hazardous samples (including dry shippers without liquid), materials, and tools may be shipped to Argonne, or transported by the user.  Packages should be addressed as follows:

Monday – Friday (Except Holidays)
WSU c/o Argonne National Laboratory
9700 South Cass Avenue
Building 438F/F001
Attention: Liz Prokop
Lemont, IL 60439

Weekends and Holidays
Name of User (who has room reservation)
c/o Argonne Guest House, Building 460
9700 South Cass Avenue
Lemont, IL 60439

Shipments on Weekends and Holidays must be arranged in advance with the APS.  Please contact the DCS at (630) 252-9854 to arrange such a shipment.

Hazardous Materials

Users are NOT allowed to bring or ship hazardous substances directly to the DCS.  These substances are materials identified as hazardous by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) or International Air Transport Association (IATA).  Under no circumstances may users transport a nonexempt hazardous material to the APS in their own vehicles.

Please follow the instructions provided by the APS for transporting hazardous materials.  These instructions may be found here.

Heavy / Large Shipments

For shipments that require the use of APS rigging services, please contact the DCS directly.

For more information about shipping materials to the DCS please contact the DCS at (630) 252-9854 or