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Washington State University The Dynamic Compression Sector

Shipping Instructions

Shipments to and from Argonne National Laboratory have separate requirements according to weight and their status as non-hazardous or hazardous.

General Target/Sample Shipping Requirements

  1. User Targets and Projectiles must arrive at DCS at least one week prior to scheduled beamtime. 
  2. Overnight delivery is recommended. 
  3. Provide tracking information to  
  4. Target/Sample Shipments must contain:
    • Itemized packing list of all contents (Packing List Template)
    • PDV probes must be numbered. 
    • Targets must be labeled.
    • Target assembly instructions and how DCS staff should store and care for samples (photos encouraged).
    • Return shipping label(s) – please limit each package weight to < 65 lbs.
  5. Assembling and Packaging
    • Prepare all targets according to the Impact Target Fabrication Instructions or Laser Shock Sample Fabrication Instructions.

      • The DCS staff cannot be held responsible for mishandling targets or for the quality of data obtained. As a precaution, users should send extra targets in case of breaks during shipping and handling. We recommend building 5 targets for every 4 experiments planned.
      • Assemble (glue into a probe holder) and optimize all interferometry probes.
        • Optimized interferometry probes, all fiber bundles, and the brass target plates with target mounted should be separately secured during shipping. Label TOBB fibers with the target plate number and remove before packing for shipment to the DCS.
        • Optimize VISAR probe (if used) and remove probe assembly prior to shipping.
      • Number and bundle PDV probe fibers according to the Target Fabrication Instructions and remove probe assembly prior to shipping.
    • Note: DCS staff will reattach target components upon arrival if the components are properly labeled and confirm throughput on all fibers. Please provide a picture of each target before disassembling.
  6. Follow the additional directive below based on weight and material to ship.

Heavy / Large Shipments

All users shipping items weighing more than 65 pounds to/from DCS requires APS rigging services and an APS User Account.  The APS User Account must be set up prior to any shipping actions to incur the APS rigging fees. 

Shipping requests should be communicated to and will receive approvals from the DCS Manager.  Once a shipment is approved and you have initiated the shipment to DCS, please email the shipment tracking information to

Non-Hazardous Materials

Non-hazardous samples (including dry shippers without liquid), materials, and tools may be shipped to Argonne, or transported by the user.  Packages should be addressed as follows:

*Monday – Friday (Except Holidays)
WSU c/o Argonne National Laboratory
9700 South Cass Avenue
Building 438F/F001
Attention: Liz Prokop
Lemont, IL 60439

*To ensure timely arrival to DCS, we recommend overnight delivery.

Hazardous Materials

Users are NOT allowed to bring or ship hazardous substances directly to the DCS.  These substances are materials identified as hazardous by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) or International Air Transport Association (IATA).  Under no circumstances may users transport a nonexempt hazardous material to the APS in their own vehicles.

For more information about shipping materials to the DCS please contact the DCS at (630) 252-9854 or