Dynamic Compression Science Workshop

Dynamic Compression Science:
Research Frontiers Using High Energy X-Rays

Left to Right: Sheila Heyns (WSU), Timothy Ashenfelter (Argonne National Laboratory), Yogendra Gupta (WSU), Glynda Becker-Fenter (WSU), Christopher Deeney (Laboratory for Laser Energetics – University of Rochester), Allen Dalton (National Nuclear Security Administration), Kirsten Laurin-Kovitz (Argonne National Laboratory), Brian Jensen (WSU), Mark Herrmann (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Leonidas Tsapatsaris (Stony Brook University/National Nuclear Security Administration), Paulo Rigg (WSU), Dana Dattelbaum (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Christopher Keane (WSU)

May 21 – 22, 2024
Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory

The Dynamic Compression Science: Research Frontiers Using High Energy X-Rays workshop celebrated 10 years of transformational science at the Dynamic Compression Sector and looked ahead at scientific opportunities following the APS-Upgrade to produce a strategic vision for the future of dynamic compression science at high energy synchrotron sources.

Dynamic compression science coupled with synchrotron x-rays has revealed previously unattainable insights into materials physics and chemistry under dynamic extreme conditions.  The dynamic compression science community is dedicated to using time-resolved x-rays to study exciting phenomena, such as phase transformations; materials deformation, strength, and failure; and chemical reaction kinetics under dynamic temperature and pressure extremes.  The recent upgrade of the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory (APS-U) makes such x-ray characterization more relevant than ever, with upgrades to photon flux and brilliance, allowing researchers to achieve unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution, contrast, and signal-to-noise ratios.

During the workshop, some of the most exciting theoretical and experimental developments in dynamic compression science were discussed.  Experts gathered from across the dynamic compression field to stimulate discussions that foster inter-laboratory collaborations and knowledge sharing on the newest techniques and cutting-edge approaches to studying dynamically-compressed materials.

Topical areas highlighted include:

Phase transformations and kineticsNovel phenomena of condensed matter
Experimental approaches to materials strength and failureNovel techniques for probing dynamic structural information under shock conditions
Deformation of materials under dynamic compressionChemical reactions in dynamic extremes

The schedule allowed ample time for discussion and interaction with colleagues.  The workshop agenda included plenary talks by current leaders in the field that highlighted the last decade of research at synchrotron sources.  Breakout sessions gave opportunities for in-depth technical discussion on the above topical areas, with a chance to participate in the development of a report on the current state and future of dynamic compression science at x-ray light sources, to be released following the workshop.  There was also an opportunity for additional presentations in the form of posters from attendees.

More details can be found at the Workshop Website.

Workshop Organizers

Dana Dattelbaum (danadat@lanl.gov)
Dynamic Materials Properties,
Los Alamos National Laboratory  
Yogendra Gupta (ymgupta@wsu.edu)
Dynamic Compression Sector,
Washington State University  
Brian Jensen (bjjensen@wsu.edu)
Dynamic Compression Sector, Washington State University
Leonidas Tsapatsaris (leonidas.tsapatsaris@nnsa.doe.gov)
Office of Experimental Sciences,
National Nuclear Security Administration
Poster Session at the Dynamic Compression Science Workshop.
A tour of the Dynamic Compression Sector (DCS) facilities was given to interested attendees.
View the Workshop Agenda here.