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Washington State University The Dynamic Compression Sector

X-Ray Beam Modes and Properties

The Insertion Device (ID) for the DCS is a Revolver Undulator that can be switched between two periods – 27 mm and either 30 mm (available now) or 17.2 mm (available in 2017) to provide continuous spectral tuning in energy from 5 to 100 keV.

The beamline optics are designed to deliver four X-ray beam modes that can be fine-tuned in energy, beam-size, bandwidth, and flux to deliver the appropriately conditioned beam for a particular experiment.

Table 1:  X-Ray Beam Modes

Table 2: Available X-Ray Beam Spot Sizes

Table 3: Experimental Capability with APS Beam Modes

To view the APS Beamline Operations schedule, please click here.

X-Ray Characterization

Complete set of x-ray diagnostics in each station for precise alignment, focus, and  characterization of x-rays
for each experimental setup

  • Laser aligned to x-rays provides visible beam path for initial alignment
  • GigE camera coupled to YAG crystal with microscope objective for precisely focusing and shaping x-ray beam
  • Spectral flux characterization using Si(220) monochromator on precision rotation stage