Laboratory Support Facilities

Excellent sample preparation and materials characterization facilities are available for use in the DCS Laboratory Office Module (LOM). Instruments necessary for sample preparation, sample characterization, target fabrication and alignment, and optical diagnostics assembly and optimization are available.  Space is available for temporary storage of completed targets and specific-experiment related user components.  Despite the excellent Laboratory support facilities, the users are expected to bring completed targets for performing experiments at the DCS.

Available Equipment in DCS Laboratories:

Sample Preparation Equipment

  • Thermal evaporation deposition machine
  • Variable speed diamond and abrasive precision saw
  • Lapping and polishing machines
  • Heated presses
  • Machine shop with lathe, mill, and vertical band saw
  • Sample presses, soldering station, and variety of hand tools

Metrology Equipment

  • Ultrasonic longitudinal and shear sound speed measurement system
  • High precision sample measurement capability (dimensions, flatness and parallelism)
  • High precision density measurement station with precision scale (0.0001 g resolution)
  • Stereo microscope
  • Upright metallurgical microscope with built-in encoders