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Washington State University The Dynamic Compression Sector

Proposal Submission

Proposal Deadline

The DCS utilizes the APS Beam Time Access System to receive all proposals for experimental time at the DCS (CAT and General User). Because of the unique challenges in creating a user schedule for the DCS, the schedule is created one Run ahead of the normal APS schedule. For example, the submission deadline for Run 1 of any calendar year for other APS sectors shall correspond to the deadline for Run 2 (of that same calendar year) submissions for DCS Users.

Run CycleDCS Proposal DeadlineRun Cycle Begins
2021-2October 30, 2020~June 2021
2021-3March 5, 2021~October 2021

Explanation of Shift Allocation at DCS for Experimental Time

When submitting your proposal in the Beam Time System for DCS experimental time, you will be asked to specify the number of shifts required to complete your experiments.

One shift = 8 hours.

The DCS allocates user time on a per day basis (not by individual shifts), 3 shifts will be charged toward your proposal for one day of experiments. Two days of experiments = 6 shifts, and so on.

Proposal Submission

New General Users at DCS

If you are interested in conducting General User Program experiments at DCS, please take the following steps:

  1. Review the DCS General User Guidelines
  2. Submit your DCS New General User Questionnaire
    All new General Users requesting beamtime as Principal Investigator (PI), must complete the DCS New General User Questionnaire
  3. Contact DCS for initial discussion of your experimental needs ( or 630-252-9854)
  4. APS User Registration is required.  Complete the APS User Registration well in advance of your first visit.  If you have any questions, please contact the APS User Office at (630) 252-9090 or via email at  For step-by-step instructions and detailed information to become an APS User, please refer to the online APS New User Checklist.
  5. After completing items 1 – 4, submit a General User proposal (GUP) request
  6. For more information about the APS General User Program, including proposal submission instructions, please visit the APS General User Proposal site.  

Returning General Users at DCS

Established DCS General Users should submit a Beam Time Request against existing proposal to continue scope of work.

CAT Members at DCS

Contact your organization’s DCS Point of Contact (POC) for information about applying to experimental time at DCS before submitting a proposal in the APS Beam Time Access System.


Planning Timeline for DCS Experiments

The timeline for DCS Point of Contact (POC)/Principal Investigator (PI) interactions may be found below. Please note, the due date is in respect to the start date of PI experimental time at the DCS.

ActionOwnerDue Date
Provide Experimental Information Form and Shot Matrix to PI
-12 weeks

Special requests submitted to DCS POC
-10 weeks
Decision on special requests


-9 weeks

Return Experimental Information Form to DCS POC

-8 weeks
Return completed Shot Matrix to DCS POC


-8 weeks

Ensure all components are available for PI experiments
-4 weeks

Send user-supplied impactors to DCS POC

-4 weeks
Submit ESAF

-2 weeks

Approve ESAF
-1 weeks

Complete required training

Before Arrival
All target hardware (including optical probes) and projectiles ready
-2 days
Provide site specific training and pre-job brief to all users
-1 day