User Guide

Various aspects and requirements pertaining to DCS user experiments at APS exist.  Please make sure to carefully review the following pages to fully prepare for your user experiments at DCS (training, logistics, data collection application download, APS user agreements, etc).

We suggest bookmarking this page for quick reference. 

Become familiar with important APS and DCS preparations and requirements:

  1. Users scheduled for experiments at the DCS shall use the User Actions Timeline to meet preparatory deadlines and logistical requirements at the DCS and APS.
  2. The APS User Information is your resource for APS requirements to address prior to arrival at Argonne National Laboratories.
  3. APS User Requirements  – Register as an APS User and follow the APS User Checklist
  4. Proposal Submission – Apply for experimental time and review the DCS proposal deadlines
  5. Run Schedule & Hours of Operation – View the Current Run Schedule and DCS Hours
  6. DCS Safety Training – Prior to arrival, complete the required training to use the DCS Facility
  7. APS Site Access – Gate Passes, ANL Hours, On-Site Entry
  8. Shipping Instructions – Requirements for all shipping
  9. Globus Data Management – Prior to arrival, set up your Globus Account – this is the ANL method for data collection and transfer.
  10. Travel Information – Air, accommodations, and directions
  11. Publication Acknowledgements Required Manuscript/Publication Inclusions for all experiments at DCS and APS