Impact Facilities

The Dynamic Compression Sector (DCS) offers unique Impact Facilities required for dynamic compression experiments.  The state-of-the-art research facilities at the DCS provide the ideal environment for examining materials under extreme conditions.

Multiple impact launcher configurations provide users access to a wide range of impact velocities up to 7 km/s. The broad range of attainable velocities and impactor materials will allow users to choose desired impact stresses and pulse durations. The impact launchers are mounted on fully automated motion control systems capable of orienting the angle of either the target surface or the impactor relative to the X-ray beam direction, with linear and angular resolutions of 10 µm and 0.05°, respectively. X-ray measurements can be made on either the target or the impactor. Optical Beam Breaks mounted in the barrel, impact chamber, and target allow synchronization of X-ray pulses and instrumentation triggering.

Target Requirements

Target Fabrication Instructions (Updated 5/2/2022)

Personnel Requirements:

Available Equipment

  • Single-Stage Gas Gun (SSGG): 0.4 – 1.0 km/s; Up to 8 shots per day
  • Powder Gun (PG): 0.75 – 2.7 km/s; Up to 6 shots per day
  • Two-Stage Light Gas Gun (2SLGG): 3.5 – 7 km/s; Up to 5 shots per day
    • Each gun is equipped with a 1/2″ bore
  • Impact launchers mounted on motion control systems with linear and angular resolutions of 10 μm and 0.05°, respectively.
  • Remotely controlled rotatable target holders (± 2.5° with 0.1° resolution)
  • Optical Beam Breaks (OBBs) in the barrel, impact chamber, and target allow synchronization of x-ray pulses and recording instrumentation.
  • Standard Impactors (Al, Cu, Ta, LiF, Polycarbonate) provided to users.  User-supplied impactor material must be requested, then approved by DCS Manager.

Experimental Techniques and Diagnostics

  • X-ray technique options
    • X-ray diffrection (4 frames)
    • Small angle x-ray scattering (4 frames)
    • Phase contrast imaging (16 frames)
    • Radiography (16 frames)
  • Simultaneous laser-interferometry (VISAR, PDV) measurements

This video demonstrates the transformation of shock-compressed graphite to diamond in nanoseconds, utilizing the DCS Impact Facilities.
Two-Stage Light Gas Gun
DCS Impact Facilities Stations

Example Target

Example Projectile