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Washington State University The Dynamic Compression Sector

Laser Shock Facility

Laser shock experiments will be conducted using a 100J, 5-15 ns pulsed laser system.  Additional laser system characteristics include a focused spatial profile with a 500 micron diameter flat top, pulse shape control, and high throughput (a shot every 25 minutes).

Laser-Shock Facility

The DCS laser system output is 100 Joules with a 351 nm fixed wavelength on target. It is capable of operating continuously at a pulse per 25 minutes and features flexible pulse shape control and beam smoothing of better than 3%. The nominal pulse width is 5-15 ns, and the focused spatial profile is a 500 micron diameter flat top.

The laser-shock facility includes a clean room to house the laser and a specialized target chamber that includes a cryogenic target holder and large ports for diagnostics. Both transmission and reflection X-ray diffraction geometries are accommodated by automated target and laser focal spot positioning capabilities. A high-speed X-ray chopper isolates single X-ray pulses. The X-ray pulses and laser trigger are synchronized to the storage ring RF clock to ensure precise timing of the X-ray and laser pulses.