The Dynamic Compression Sector (DCS) constitutes a new paradigm for understanding the dynamic compression and deformation response of materials on ns-μs time scales and at multiple length scales.  Real-time, atomistic-scale investigations of condensed matter phenomena can be undertaken in single event experiments through time-resolved, in-situ measurements utilizing the tunable, high energy X-ray capabilities at the Advanced Photon Source (APS).  The DCS experiments will address long-standing scientific challenges related to structural changes including metastability, deformation and fracture, and chemical reactions under extreme dynamic compression.

DCS experimental and beamline characteristics include:

  • Peak stresses: to well over 400 GPa
  • Shock wave time durations: ~5 ns to microsecond
  • Focus on diffraction, imaging, scattering, and absorption measurements
  • Energy range from 7-70+ keV – with energies to 100 keV for imaging
  • X-ray pulses (~250 ps duration), at ns intervals, for real-time, in-situ probing
  • Special purpose experiments to complement dynamic compression

DCS Sector Layout

Additional information pertaining to the facilities dedicated to dynamic compression experiments may be found on the following pages:


DCS Capabilities