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Washington State University The Dynamic Compression Sector

Safety Training Information

Safety Training Information

DCS Conduct of Operations Manual
The Conduct of Operations Manual defines the process and policy for the conduct of operations for work activities conducted at the DCS. Conduct of Operations is a philosophy of working in a formalized, disciplined manner to achieve operational excellence that requires a commitment to maintain the highest standards of quality. Compliance to this Conduct of Operations is compulsory.

The Conduct of Operations Manual may be found here.

APS User Training Requirements
All users are required to complete APS User Training before experiments can commence at the DCS. Required APS training for each user can be found on the submitted ESAF. It is the responsibility of the PI to ensure that all users have completed their online training before arriving at the DCS. Access to the DCS labs and experimental stations will not be allowed unless all training is complete. Please visit the APS Training website for more information on accessing all of the required online training courses.

DCS Sector Orientation
The DCS staff provides a Sector Orientation to all users, in accordance with the APS Policy and Procedure for Sector Specific Training. The DCS Sector Orientation Materials include the following: Online Sector Orientation, DCS Conduct of Operations Manual, a safety brochure, safety checklist and printed copy of the experimental hutch search pattern diagram.

Sector Orientation is required by all staff and users, if one of the following is applicable:

  • User is a new user of the DCS facility
  • It has been two years since the user’s last Sector Orientation
  • Significant changes have been made to the DCS facilities, policies, and/or procedures since the user’s last visit to the sector

Users will be notified in advance of their arrival if they need to complete the DCS Sector Orientation, which is comprised of two parts:

Part 1: Online DCS Sector Orientation
The Online Sector Orientation needs to be completed prior to a user’s arrival at the DCS. At the completion of the Online DCS Sector Orientation (link below), you will be directed to the Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) site where you will login with your badge # and password to acknowledge you have read and understood the material.

The Online DCS Sector Orientation may be found here: DCS Sector Orientation

Part 2: On-Site DCS Sector Orientation
Once all users have arrived on-site, a DCS staff member will provide the group with Part 2 of the Sector Orientation. Each user will be provided with a Safety Brochure, Safety Checklist, and the Experimental Hutch Search Pattern Diagram at the start of the on-site orientation.

Pre-Job Brief
All users will be required to attend a pre-job brief conducted by the DCS staff on the day before their allocated time begins during normal business hours (8-5 Sunday through Saturday). Please note the following stipulations:

  • The pre-job brief shall be given only once on the day before the user’s experimental time begins.
  • All users participating in the experiments are expected to attend at the pre-arranged time.
  • Any user who does not attend the pre-job brief shall not be allowed to perform any work within the DCS facilities.
  • If the PI requests that a user, who has not attended the pre-job brief, be allowed to assist with experiments, then work during that PI’s allocated time shall be suspended in order to provide all participants with the pre-job brief again and a new acknowledgement page shall be completed by all attendees.