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Washington State University The Dynamic Compression Sector

Scientific Working Group

The Dynamic Compression Sector (DCS) Scientific Working Group (SWG) is committed to the long-term success of DCS.  As such, the SWG is charged with making recommendations to optimize the development and operations of the Dynamic Compression Sector.

The following individuals are members of the DCS SWG:

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

  1. Mukul Kumar (POC)
  2. Jon Eggert
  3. Trevor Willey

Los Alamos National Laboratory

  1. Brian Jensen (POC)
  2. Rachel Huber
  3. David Jones
  4. Jennifer Jordan

Sandia National Laboratories

  1. Marcus Knudson (POC)
  2. Patricia Kalita
  3. Seth Root

Army Research Laboratory

  1. Brian Schuster (POC)
  2. Dan Casem
  3. Michael Zellner

NSWC-Indian Head

  1. Alexandra Reinert

Academic Institutions

  1. Gilbert Collins (University of Rochester)
  2. Tom Duffy (Princeton University)
  3. Sol Gruner (Cornell University)
  4. James Hawreliak (Washington State University)
  5. G. Ravichandran (Caltech)
  6. Stefan Turneaure (Washington State University)

DCS Facilities and Operations

  1. Paulo Rigg (Washington State University)
  2. John Sethian (Retired from Naval Research Laboratory; now Washington State University)