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Washington State University The Dynamic Compression Sector


The Dynamic Compression Sector (DCS) is a user facility for synchrotron-based dynamic compression science studies.  The DCS beam time will be available to the scientific community through the General User Program of the Advanced Photon Source.  Extensive training and support will also be available to users through both informal and formal programs.

The Dynamic Compression Sector, with a focus on time-resolved X-ray diffraction and imaging measurements in materials subjected to dynamic compression, will provide in-situ, time-resolved, measurements at microscopic length scales to achieve a fundamental understanding of the mechanisms governing a broad range of time-dependent, condensed matter phenomena (structural transformations, inelastic deformation and fracture, and chemical reactions) under dynamic loading.  Such measurements are also essential for validating multi-scale modeling of the key materials phenomena under shock wave and shockless compression.


  • The development of the DCS is sponsored by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) of the Department of Energy (DOE).